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About us

Hansum Magazine provides the opportunity for all up and coming Artist, Models, We’ve all stopped by a store and flipped through a Source, XXL, HipHop or other magazine and seen big stars, entertainers or the new clothing line from Sean John wondering to ourselves, “how and where do I start”? Well this is it!! Hansum Magazine would like to run your ad or post your modeling picture with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other medium along with your ID and profile so people can find you. Of course we’re not the only site offering to promote your talents, but we are both willing and anxious to assist in elevating you to the place where your ambitions and dreams lead. In addition to providing a forum for our clients and affiliates to showcase their talents we are also working hard to keep abreast of industry related events such as, fashion and talent shows, casting calls, photo shoots, modeling contest, etc. Want to see more goto